The Infallible Method To Clean The Windshield Inside

There is a way to clean the windshield on the inside without leaving the odious marks of rags.

The windshield is the largest source of information for our vehicle. Despite the arrival of GPS and multimedia systems to help the driver, the windows through which more data we receive continue to be the criteria of our car.

Therefore, proper cleaning is so important. At dawn and dusk, the sun’s rays highlight marks and dirt, even preventing visibility seriously during driving.

The use of supports for the mobile phone or the GPS adds to the usual dirt the uncomfortable marks of the suction cups of the different fastening devices with which a good frequent cleaning of the interior of the windshield becomes essential. We leave you with some tricks so that you do not change the marks of dirt by the marks of the rag, which are just as annoying and difficult to remove. When cleaning your glasses:

Try not to touch them. If it has fogged up, do not pass the sleeve or hand, turn the heating on and wait until it is removed. Try not to start the march until there is clear visibility.

Forget newspaper and window cleaner. Dry newspapers can scratch your crystals (totally forbidden if you have tinted moons) and the glass cleaner does not end up with the grease layer that usually accumulates inside (it is really responsible for the marks). Also if the newsprint is too wet, the ink fades and you can stain the grips and upholstery of your car. Put it down

The best is kitchen paper and a few drops of any dishwasher. This soap does not de-grease and does not stain. The kitchen paper leaves no residue or lint. This will give you a few clean crystals for months. Just mix it with water, sprinkle with spray and pass the paper, no need to rinse and it is perfect.

Do you have any more cleaning trick for your crystals?

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