How To Remove The Gasoline Smell From The Car

If your car smells like gasoline, chances are it has some damage that is causing this smell. As you can imagine, you should not ignore this symptom since otherwise, you will be compromising your safety as the vehicle could be damaged while you are traveling. The fuel tank, carburetor or gasoline filter are some of the elements that may be failing. At other times, the bad odor may come from fuel from a can that has been spilled on the floor or in the seats.


Step: 1

As we pointed out, a mechanical problem is the most likely cause of the gasoline smell of your car. Therefore, the first step you must take to get your car to not smell of fuel is to find out specifically what the problem is.

Step: 2

Here are some of the causes that can cause the smell of gasoline in the car:

  • Carburetor malfunction
  • Gasoline filter
  • The canister
  • Gasoline tank

We recommend you read this article on what to do if the car smells like gasoline to know much more about the possible breakdown.

Step: 3

Once you have solved the problem, it is when you must act to try to eliminate the smell of gasoline that has remained impregnated in the passenger compartment.

In the event that the odor is due to a gasoline spill because fuel has been spilled from a can, you will have to clean it. The best thing is that, before using water and soap, impregnates of an oily cream the zone. This will help to dissolve the stain and will be easier to clean.

Step: 4

Already free of stains or breakdown, you have to proceed to clean the car thoroughly. Empty the passenger compartment and remove the mats. Next, pass a vacuum cleaner all over the interior. It uses a specific liquid to clean the dashboard and a rag to remove the dust. The seats can also be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner. We recommend that you read this article to know how to clean the interior of the car.

Step: 5

After you have finished cleaning the interior of the car thoroughly, to remove the smell of gasoline you must ventilate the car for half an hour. Leave it with the doors open in an outdoor location. As an additional measure, you can place an air freshener in the car. Read this article to know several ways of setting your car.

Step: 6

Do not forget that the gasoline smell of the car can be a symptom of a major fault, so try to detect the cause or a mechanic if it persists.

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