How To Remove The Moisture Odor From The Car

It is not strange that the cabin of the car impregnate of bad smells, something that is very unpleasant for who has to drive and, also, when some occupant gets into the vehicle. In the case of a musty smell, it may originate from the fabric of the seat that has remained wet without drying in time or in the air conditioning system itself.



If the bad smell inside the car is produced because the seats have got wet, for whatever reason, and they have not dried fast enough to leave no trace, we recommend you do the following.


The heat is a great ally to remove bad odors so turn on the heating or, if the weather goes along, leave the car parked in the sun with the doors closed and the windows up. The objective is that the cabin reaches a very high temperature inside and can disappear, thus, the smell of humidity.


If this alternative does not work for you, perhaps the smell of humidity is produced by the bacteria inside the air conditioning ducts. Then you must act differently. What has to be achieved is to clean these ducts, so that unwanted microorganisms disappear and put an end to the musty smell in the car.


The first thing to do is to buy a specific spray to clean the air conditioning ducts of the car that you will find in a specialized store. Then you have to spray it on the inputs and outputs of the system.


Next, you have to operate the air conditioning for half an hour so that the product circulates through the interior of the ducts and finishes with the microorganisms that provoke the humidity smell in your car. We recommend that you thoroughly read this article on how to clean the car’s air conditioning system so you know the procedure.


Once you manage to remove the musty smell from the car you must be very careful not to repeat it again. If any liquid falls or people in wet clothes come into your vehicle, dry it as soon as possible. Also, do a good maintenance when cleaning and you will see how this unpleasant smell does not reappear.

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