How To Remove The Smell Of A New Car

To many people, the smell of new car is unpleasant and can even lead to dizziness if they travel in a newly purchased car. The cause of this smell is usually the material that manufacturers use in the dashboard and in the coverings of the interior parts of the doors. You do not have to resign yourself to living with this smell when you just bought a car.


Step: 1

The first solution you can try is to use an air freshener. In this case, the smell of new car will be canceled by the fragrance of the product you buy. You have numerous options in the market to give a new aroma to the interior of the car. Check this article on how to choose the car air freshener in which we explain in detail.

Step: 2

If you really want to nullify the new car smell, but do not add any additional fragrance, you can try a home remedy. When you do not use the car for several hours, for example, at night, leave a crystal glass with a little coffee on the dashboard. One finger is enough. Be careful when placing it, so you do not spill the liquid. The next morning, you’ll notice the smell of a new car. If you are still not satisfied, perform the operation the following night.

Step: 3

In some occasions, what causes rejection is the leather smell of the new car seats. In this case, it is best to give the first wash to the seats. As it is a delicate material, you can not do it in any way. We recommend that you follow all the indications that we offer you in this article on how to clean the leather seats of the car.

Step: 4

You must know that the smell of new car can last even months. So if you find it unpleasant, to make it disappear as soon as possible, do not leave the car parked in the sun as this warming would cause the materials that cause the smell to give off more.

Step: 5

On the other hand, it is curious to note that while many people find this new car smell repulsive, others attract them, which has led to the appearance of air fresheners with this aroma.

Step: 6

If you drive a car, your comfort at the wheel is an important factor in road safety. So, take all the measures you need so that nothing distracts you from the most important: the road.

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